NCT América del Sur

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31 January – 02 February 2023

Lima, Peru

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Who will you meet?

  • CBRN operators and commanders
  • EOD operators and commanders
  • CBRNe policy makers
  • Senior Defense leaders
  • Leaders from law enforcement and fire/rescue
  • Public health professionals

Who attended before?

The 2020 edition welcomed delegations from Ejército Nacional, Instituto Nacional de Salud Colombia, Centro Nacional contra Artefactos Explosivos Improvisados y Minas del Ejercito Nacional de Colombia (CENAM), Cuerpo de Bomberos de Honduras, Dirección de Investigación Criminal e INTERPOL (DIJIN), Policía Nacional, Industria Militar Colombiana (INDUMIL), Fiscalía General de la Nación, Bomberos Voluntarios de Mosquera, HALO Trust Colombia, Defensa Civil Colombiana, U.A.E. Cuerpo Oficial de Bomberos de Bogotá D.C. and more.

The 2019 edition in Brazil welcomed delegations from Ejército Brasileño, Instituto Estadual do Ambiente, Military Fire Brigade Rio de Janeiro (CBMER), Federal University of São Carlos, Rio De Janeiro Police Force, Fuerza Aérea Brasileña, Instituto de Criminalística, Centro Tecnológico do Exército, Brazilian Federal Police, Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Brazilian Navy, Brazilian Intelligence Agency, Carlos Éboli Criminalistics Institute, Instituto de Polícia Científica da Paraíba, São Paulo Fire Department, State Research Institute of Biological Engineering and many more.

NCT Tech Tour

During each NCT Tech Tour session, delegates are given the opportunity to join a one hour tour over the exhibition floor, led by an expert or IB Consultancy consultant.

NCT creates different tours, each focused on a capability such as: detection, PPE or disablement. These topics are based on the inputs of both delegates and those sponsors and exhibitors that wish to join a tour. On the exhibitor form, you indicate the topics you would like to address during the Expo Tour.

Based on the preferences expressed on these forms, and the input from delegates, IB Consultancy sets the focus for the different tours.

Delegates are given the opportunity to join a tour, while exhibitors and sponsors are able to invite targeted clients to join. At the start of the NCT Tech Tour, the tour guide will give a brief introduction to the topic, after which the group of 5-8 end users is brought to the different companies.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors