NCT PRO Trainings Europe 2021

Train like a PRO

5-7 October 2021, Rieti, Italy

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During NCT PRO Trainings Europe 2021, military and civil first responder teams from different counties/states will be trained to operate in mock CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD scenarios in combination with a different team. Teams of professionals will be trained based on their requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED and EOD companies from all over the world.

All pictures on this site were taken during NCT PRO Trainings!

Product Training: During the one-hour product training, companies train the operators on the use of their sponsored equipment. This training enables the teams to effectively use the product during the scenario training.

Training Mission: During the two-hours mission, teams train on realistic field scenario requiring the use of the sponsored equipment. Professional trainers will coach and guide the team through the mission and help the teams achieve their objectives. After the trainings, companies will be able to get direct feedback from the end-users on the equipment.

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If you are a civil first responder or active military with an interest in CBRNe, C-IED, EOD and/or demining, the NCT PRO are for you! No need for experience, we bring it to you.
If you are a company representative and want to showcase your product in a unique way, if you are looking for feedback on your last technology, come sponsor the Trainings!
Observers (eg. delegates not part of a training team or not representing a sponsoring company) are not allowed access to the trainings.

The NCT PRO Trainings were launched in 2018, with a first edition at NCT USA 2018. Since then, no less than 38 teams have participated in at least one NCT PRO event!

Scenarios are built based on the participating teams’ experience and goals, and the sponsored products. In close cooperation with the professional trainers, the NCT Team develops tailor made scenarios for each NCT PRO event, adapted to the location of the event.

Each training session will have two different types of teams training together. Depending on the NCT PRO event, trainings may consist of (multi) national civil & military teams whereas other events may only include local multi-agency responders. For example, the trainings could be a combination of a response team from another local county, from a federal agency, or from a specialised military unit.

Most of the equipment will be provided to the teams by the sponsors. However, wherever possible, we strongly advise participating teams to bring their own basic protective equipment.

Training teams get to participate in at least two sessions, spread over the different days of the event. When not training, teams can enjoy the other features of the event: go listen to the different conference sessions or talk to company representatives, the whole event is open for you.
Training sponsors can place their equipment in at least one training session: depending on the sponsorship package you have chosen, you get more guaranteed sessions!