NCT PRO Special Forces 2021

Train like a PRO

28-29 September 2021
Camp New Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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In February 2020, the Dutch SOCOM approached IB Consultancy in order to develop its CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosives) capability. A two-day workshop was organized in Leiden on February 13-14, during which, with the help of the IB Consultancy staff, the Dutch SOCOM integrated the CBRNe component into its regular set of missions and activities. At the end of the workshop, a list of capabilities and equipment was developed by the group, to be integrated into the SOCOM’s missions.

Next steps

It has been agreed that the next step would be to train the Dutch SOCOM on, on the one hand, CBRNe scenarios to enhance their response capability and, on the other hand, the different technologies and products listed during the workshop.

In September 2021, IB Consultancy will organize a two-days training event with the Dutch SOCOM, led by experienced trainers in the field of CBRNe. Hosted by the Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten, the trainings will be built around scenarios integrating all CBRNe response capabilities and equipment identified during the workshop.

What we offer: the chance to showcase your equipment to potential customers

For two days, teams from different Dutch agencies and organizations will train using your equipment. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to get direct input on your product and test it against mission requirements of teams that have expressed interest in buying CBRN equipment.

Closed training

The NCT PRO Special Forces is a closed event only open for selected companies. If you’d like to see if your company could participate, please contact the IBC team using the button below.

NCT PRO Special Forces

Two days of SF CBRN training

Camp New Amsterdam

Camp New Amsterdam is one of the main Dutch training facilities and will host NCT PRO Special Forces.

Camp New Amsterdam

Camp New Amsterdam was a US Air Force base for more than 40 years during the Cold War.

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