Zagreb, Croatia

2 - 6 October 2023

NCT PRO Outline

In this special edition of NCT PRO Challenge, teams will engage in CBRNe, EOD, and C-IED scenarios with a focus on special forces in a CBRN and IED environment. This tactical event, taking place in Croatia during the week of 3-7 October 2022 and will be hosted in partnership with the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Lucko- the Croatian national SOF police unit and the ATLAS Network of police special forces in Europe.

During five days, teams from all over Europe will train on different scenarios, with multiple missions leading up to a showdown in Zagreb on day five. Each scenario includes different missions that need to be completed with different teams to achieve the objectives. The mission sets below give a glimpse of the missions the teams will complete. A full set of scenarios is available to sponsors in the TPLAN (Training Plan) that is available through your IB Consultancy account manager.

As a NCT PRO Sponsor you can:

  • Put your equipment in the hands of operators
  • Network with your prospects
  • Learn about the latest tactics using SOF and CBRNe kit
  • Get high quality images (and possibly video) of your equipment in use by leading European SOF, SWAT and CBRNe units

As a sponsor, you will be able to put your product at the hands of special forces operators and enabling teams and showcase your capabilities. By taking part in the training, you will have the opportunity to network and learn the needs of operators in the field of CBRNe and EOD, learn practical and operational requirements from operators, and most importantly, get direct feedback on your equipment from the EOD and CBRNe operators.

  • Provide your products in at least three training sessions
  • Showcase your capabilities during the NCT PRO Tech Tour meeting all the operators
  • Network with SOF, CBRNe, and EOD operators

Mission set 2022

Intelligence has led to a suspected drug laboratory and an Intelligence gathering mission is planned (Scenario 1, mission 1). Based on the intelligence collected, a raid on the drugs laboratory is ordered (Scenario 1, mission 2). During the raid traces of CWA and explosives are found. Specialized units follow the SOF units as enablers and secure critical intelligence in the lab in the basement of the building  that leads to a terrorist group planning to execute an attack using a VBIED with HAZMAT payload at an event in Zagreb

Area of operations 2022

Stubička Slatina military barracks is a military facility previously used by Croatian Armed Forces. The facility has been used by many security sectors in Croatia for different types of training of Croatian Special Forces, firefighters, anti-terrorists units, etc. The facility is spread over 180.000 m² and consists of a forest area with dirt roads, hidden ammunition and underground storage areas, pavement roads, different built objects (restaurants, accommodation, meeting rooms, basements), opened and covered areas and a classroom. All the mentioned objects make the location suitable for different types of training and variety of different scenarios. The location allows for the use of SWAT operations using Simunition, (small) explosives and CB simulants.

How does it work?

The start of your participation in NCT PRO is a chat with your IB Consultancy account manager. Together you look which of your products and technologies would fit best in the different missions and scenarios and what sponsorship package fits you best. In preparation for the booking, you may request a copy of the Training Plan to read the detailled briefing packs for the missions.

Equipment sponsor options per scenario

Equipment TypeScenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4Scenario 5
X-Ray / Scan
Detection (explosive)
Detection (bio)
Detection Solids (bio)
Detection vapor (chem)
Detection liquid (Chem)
Detection Standoff (Chem)
Detection (rad)

Impressions from past NCT

NCT Sponsors 2022

Schedule 2022

MondayMorningNCT PRO BriefingStubička Slatina
MondayAfternoonParallel training lanesStubička Slatina / Vrbovec range
Tuesday - Thursdayall dayParallel training lanesStubička Slatina / Vrbovec range
WednesdayEveningNight missionStubička Slatina / Vrbovec range
ThursdayEveningCommanders dinnerZagreb
FridayAfternoonDemonstration & expo displayPolice Academy in Zagreb
FridayEveningBBQ Dinner for all