Supported by Royal Thai Border Police

Hua Hin, Thailand

11-15 December 2023

NCT PRO Outline

NCT PRO Challenge Asia is the result of three years of development of a training concept for Southeast Asia. The original multi-country event changed due to COVID restrictions to a single one-week training event which was adapted to a full two-week training event with RTA SOU and international participants.

The week is organized around scenarios with multiple missions in each scenario. This would work like the following example: a VIP protection mission turns into a CBRN incident when the principal is attacked with an unknown substance and the operators need to safeguard their principal, use basic CBRN decontamination and other counter measures and exfiltrate the area. The follow up mission is the CBRN unit responsible for sampling and the forensic investigation.

NCT PRO Challenge is a public-private cooperation initiative and industry is invited to provide new technology to try, test and evaluate during the trainings. However, the training missions and training the teams is the primary objective of NCT PRO Challenge.

Teams 2022

NCT PRO Challenge Asia will continue to invite regional and international teams. Currently the following teams are scheduled to join:

  • Royal Thai Army Special Operations Unit
  • Royal Thai Army Mine Action Center
  • Royal Thai Army Chemical Department
  • US Airforce EOD
  • US Army AFRRI
  • ROK Army CBRN (Korea)
  • Philippines Join Special Operations Group
  • Philippines Police Bomb Data Center
  • Malaysia: combined team Army/Police

In addition, observers from other ASEAN countries will participate in the observer program of the event.

Mission set 2022

Social media threat leads to suspected anthrax lab.

  1. Conduct a Reconnaissance mission in a CBRN environment
  2. Report CBRN Relevant intel to Command
  3. Use of decontamination equipment and procedures

Area of operations

NCT PRO eXperience will take place in Hua Hin, Thailand at the Royal Thai Border Police Naresuan Base.

How does it work?

The start of your participation in NCT PRO is a chat with your IB Consultancy account manager. Together you look which of your products and technologies would fit best in the different missions and scenarios and what sponsorship package fits you best. In preparation for the booking, you may request a copy of the Training Plan to read the detailled briefing packs for the missions.

Equipment sponsor options per scenario

Equipment TypeScenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4Scenario 5Scenario 6
X-Ray / Scan
Detection (explosive)
Detection (bio)
Detection Solids (bio)
Detection vapor (chem)
Detection liquid (Chem)
Detection Standoff (Chem)
Detection (rad)

Impressions from past NCT

NCT Sponsors 2022

NCT PRO Supporting Partners 2022

Schedule 2022

DayTimeNCT PRO Challenge ProgramLocation
week beforeDedicated SOF Training (not public)Hua Hin
MondayAfternoonNCT PRO Briefing (Companies only)Sheraton Hua Hin
Tuesday - Thursdayall dayNCT PRO Challenge TrainingRoyal Thai Border Police Naresuan Base and the Sheraton Hua Hin.
FridayMorningNCT PRO ChallengeRoyal Thai Border Police Naresuan Base and the Sheraton Hua Hin.
FridayAfternoonPRO Challenge Certificate CeremonySheraton Hua Hin.
FridayEveningBBQ Dinner for allHua Hin