NCT measures to fight COVID19

COVID19 poses challenges to everyone, including participants and organizers of the NCT events. As a CBRNe Consulting company, terms like PPE are no stranger to us, and we have tried to use our knowledge and experience to provide you with a full NCT experience while maintaining COVID19 related safety measures.

Personal Protective Equipment

The NCT Team recommends you to bring your own PPE, preferably three to four FFP2/(k)N95 masks for each day of the event. The NCT team will have sufficient KN95 masks available (tested and approved by both the IB Consultancy team and a Dutch Laboratory) in case you don’t have a mask. For some areas, we may require you, based on national or other regulations, to wear a mask.

Entry restrictions

Upon entering the NCT event area, if applicable you may you be asked to agree to the event specific COVID19 measures. These may include filling in or providing a (self) health declaration. NCT staff may measure your temperature. If your health declaration or temperature measurement gives reason, the NCT team may decide to refuse you entrance to the event.

NCT follows WHO and Local regulations

NCT follows both the advice of the WHO, and any regulations that may be in place at the location of the event. Please familiarize yourself with these regulations before travelling to the NCT location. You may be required to provide your full name, home address and contact details for contact tracing in case a COVID19 case is found amongst our participants.

Walking routes and distance

For certain NCT events, the NCT team may decide to have walking routes and minimum distance rules. Please do not deviate from these rules, since these allow us to host the event for you. If we could have hosted the event without these rules, you can trust us that we would have done so.

Outside when possible, indoor when suitable

Ventilation is a key in fighting the spread of COVID19. For this reason, we have selected venues with as many activities planned outside as possible. Indoor spaces have been selected for good ventilation and sometimes we have dedicated seating.

Spacious setup, more space for you

NCT events have never been the most cramped exhibitions of the community: NCT is known for space. During the COVID19 period, we will use even more space to give you space to keep a safe distance.

Don’t be a stranger and talk to us

If you have any questions, please do contact the NCT Team for any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to support you!