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With the ever-evolving CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear explosives), IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and mine threats, it is important to stay up to date and be aware of the latest discussions in the field.

At NCT Consultants, we believe that it is by sharing lessons learned, best practice and opinions that we will make the world a safer and more secure place. The leading quality magazine in the CBRNe community, CBNW Magazine joins forces with the highly successful NCT Magazine, managed by NCT Consultants. Visit the CBNW powered by NCT Magazine website –!

Interested in publishing an article in the CBNW Magazine?

CBNW Magazine is seeking emerging and established writers for its upcoming editions. As a CBRNe, C-IED, EOD and Demining Magazine, we are always interested in welcoming articles around these topics – in the form of photography, literature, comics, interviews, reviews, etc.

Written Articles

We do consider previously published work, but we give preference to new and original work. Simultaneous submissions are welcome and encouraged, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know immediately. Authors have full responsibility for providing visual material that suitably complements their articles and meets the professional requirements of the CBNW Magazine. Note that our editorial office does provide graphic services. Images should be in .jpg or .tif format.

An e-mail message with the article and/or photos as an attachment for the CBNW Magazine should be sent to [email protected], subject: CBNW Magazine. In case you would like to discuss about the suggested topic of your article with our editorial team, please feel free to contact us.