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NCT PRO eXperience is the training component of NCT Events, powered by MAC 7 Training Services. During two days, civil and military first responders will be trained to respond to CBRNe, C-IED, EOD, demining scenarios with the aim of promoting interoperability, multinational and multi-agency cooperation. That is why each training scenario will have two different types of teams training together. Each training session will have a scenario that is tailored to the training needs of the participating teams and sponsors.

Teams can experience the latest technology and equipment while industry receives valuable feedback on their products.

Each training session ends with a debriefing during which you will be provided with direct feedback on your equipment and products with the aim of assessing it against the end user’s mission’s needs. As such, NCT PRO eXperience enables you to learn from the experience of the teams and exchange lessons learned and best practices which might be able to provide you with insights for both sales and further R&D.

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Which teams should join?

Which teams should join?

  • Specialized CBRN units
  • EOD Units
  • Special Forces Units
  • Police SWAT
  • Demining Units
  • Fire & Rescue HAZMAT Units
  • Enabling Units for CBRNe, EOD, demining

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Why to become a sponsor?

Why to become a sponsor?

  • A two-day training component of NCT events.
  • Civil and military first responders train to respond to CBRNe and C-IED/EOD incidents using equipment from NCT PRO Sponsors. 

  • Trainings offer the opportunity to receive direct feedback on products from the training operators. 

  • During the event teams from different countries and organizations will train together, fostering interoperability, multinational, and multiagency cooperation. 

  • NCT PRO eXperience has tailored approach scenarios to match the needs of training teams and sponsors. 

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Day 1

Team and sponsor briefings, site tour

NCT Pro eXperience scenario training on different missions


Day 2

NCT Pro eXperience scenario training on different missions

NCT Pro eXperience scenario training on different missions

Certification ceremony



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